10 Videos To 10X Your Life

10 Videos To 10X Your Life

 If you want to improve, be content to be thought foolish and stupid - Epictetus


I like to share my advice, but who do I learn from?  Here's a few videos that I loved.  Hope you enjoy.


1. Charisma On Command

This channel is amazing.  Breakdowns on countless ways to become more charismatic.



2. Diary of a CEO

I really enjoyed this podcast with Rory Sutherland.  He wrote one of my favourite books, Alchemy.  A book full of examples of how we aren't as rational as we like to believe and how feelings often beat facts.



3. Thoughty2 

Love this channel.  A fun video on how easily we are fooled by the media.


4. Coffee With Scott Adams

One of my favourite podcasts.  Daily debunking of the news and life lessons.


5. Ted Talks

Short lessons from some of the smartest people in their fields.  I enjoyed this one, it shows how much you can do on your own.  I do everything on The Rocco Effect myself, designs, web site, blog posts, comics, marketing ect. all me.  



6. Tim Ferris Show

The guy that got me into Stoicism.  Love his podcast, always come away having learnt something useful.



7. Zig Ziglar

One of the original self-help guys.  Dated video, but the advice is timeless.



8. The Power of Journaling

I like to journal.  I write my thoughts on a notes app throughout the day.  Highly recommend it.


9. You can't fix others

Advice we all need to remind ourselves of.


10. Jocko Wilink

Can't be more of a man than Jocko.  Great role model.


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