20 Ways to Improve Cumbernauld Town Centre

20 Ways to Improve Cumbernauld Town Centre

Since you are an integral part of a social system, let every act of yours contribute to the harmonization of social life. Any action that is not related directly or remotely to this social aim disturbs your life, and destroys your unity. - Marcus Aurelius 



I get that we have the library and that bookstores are a dying business, but who doesn't enjoy exploring them/having a coffee and reading the new book you got as you relax/work on your laptop.

2. Fun Activities

Laser quest, mini golf, bowling, axe throwing, escape room, ect. There's not much to do in Cumberland. When you want fun who thinks Cumbernauld?

3. Stand Up Comedy Club

Who doesn't enjoy a good laugh?  Allows residents to start a job as a comedian.

4. Music Venue

Everyone loves a live band. Use the same venue as the comedy club.

5. Arcade

I went to one in Edinburgh with old games consoles it was great. Make this here and it would be packed, no competition.

6. Paps

As you need to go to town to club less people are drinking local and as a result more bars are shutting down. Even less places to hang out. It's a no brainer bring back paps (and bar yellow whilst you're at it). Paps never seems to last. Could it be open during the week for other activities? Function hall?

7. Posh Restaurant

La Bella's the top restaurant at the town centre and nothing really competes. It would be nice to have another place to get a proper meal.

8. Better Shops

This should be no.1 for any shopping centre. If the shops suck, so does everything else. Get more big brand stores. Less charity shops/£1 shops (replaced rather than just leaving an empty spot like we currently have)

9. Scosha Play

Anyone my age knows that this is a no brainer. It was the best part of the town centre. Large soft play up next to the library. Bring it back. The kids would love it.

10. Art

I remember visiting a mall in Beijing. It doubled as an art gallery (parkview green) it was amazing. Beautiful statues. Canvases on all the walls. Really nice aesthetic. Cumbernauld is bland add some colour. Team up with the college and show students work to save money. Just add some beauty to the place.

11. Photo Spots

Add colorful photo spots. Weird items, fun backgrounds, anything that will get people to stop, take photos, smile and share how they like the place for a change.

12. Clothing

When you want a new wardrobe do you go to Cumbernauld or into town? More brands would be nice.

13. No Charity Folk

Maybe it's just me, but I hate answering 'I'm not interested ' as people ask you if you want to help (insert group that really needs help). They destroy the shopping experience. If they're outside a store I like, I avoid that store. I'm sure others do the same. Let them think of a better way to make money.

14. Podcasts

Makes a change from background music. Or even a radio that has some fun dialogue.

15. Cowboy Bar *Added by a friend.  

Or any sort of themed bar.  Something different, a wee bit of fun.

16. Real Toilets Next To Falkirk Side Bus Stop

You can smell a photo of those stairs.

17. Central Park 

Something whee you can go to relax.  Meet new people and mix with the wider community.  We have bars, but a non alcoholic version is also needed.  Stronger community = less crimes.

18. Events

I remember when I was younger there was a 'battle of the bands' that was great.  Out all day watching the bands play.  Mixing with other members of the community over a shared interest in the music.  Host more events and watch as the overall happiness in Cumbernauld incresses.

19. Ice Rink

Use it for skating and ice hockey.  Having matches would bring in a crowd.  Gives everyone something fun to do.

20. Car Boot Sales

Weekly or monthly car boot sales.  Builds up the community.  Allows us to see new products.  Allows for more entrepreneurship.  
How would you improve Cumbernauld town centre?


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Some great observations here. I especially like the photo spots idea, and I laughed at the comment about being able to smell a photograph of the stairs at the north bus stop.

There are a few ideas which have already been tried, but they’ve failed because the people of Cumbernauld just don’t use what’s in front of them. There’s also the fact that a lot of big-name shops won’t touch Cumbernauld with a barge pole.

It’s optimistic to think that our town will improve, but all evidence just points to the development of housing without adequate facilities.

Let’s not forget that we’re now at the behest of North Lanarkshire Council, as they’ve completed the takeover of the town centre shopping mall. They have plans to demolish the whole thing and “improve” it, but we still have no idea what they’re going to do. My guess is that they’ll just build more fast food restaurants.


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