Advice that will change your life

Advice that will change your life

 Man conquers the world by conquering himself. - Zeno


1. Never Stop Learning

The more you know the less you worry.  What worried you as a child likely doesn't worry you now, why?  Because you learnt how to deal with it.  It's the same for all problems, with the right knowledge they become avoidable or easily solved.

Many stop learning after high school.  If you make a point of never stopping you'll be smarter than most people in no time.  As a result you'll be in a much better position to succeed in life.


2. Clear Your Head

Many problems arise from over thinking.  This is where envy, hatred and pride grow.  Don't give it a chance, meditate.  Clear your head, focus only on your breath.  Journal.  Write down all your thoughts, good and bad and get to the root of your problems and solve that.  Don't Complain.  Complaining only helps our problems grow.  We embellish stories when we complain, the problem becomes bigger and we become weaker, before long we begin to believe these stories as true.  Do you really want to make your problems bigger and yourself weaker?


3. Become Someone You Can Love

This is what i hope people who push 'Love yourself' mean.  If you're less than what you could be then you shouldn't love yourself and kid yourself that others should.  Push yourself to be your best self and love the fact that you're someone that puts in everything to become your best self.  The reality is that people respect those who grow far more than those who accept their crap lives and do nothing about it.


4. Notice

Notice your thoughts, feelings and actions throughout the day.  Really take time to step back and go 'I've been thinking about X for a long time.  Why?'  'I feel great today.  What lead to that?' 'How do i feel after my walk?  How does that compare to a day of lying in bed?'  Once you start noticing you'll soon see patterns in what to pursue and what to avoid.  You'll soon be able to predict a lot more and as a result have far more control of your life.


5. Save Quotes

Quotes are a great thought simplified.  Saving quotes trains our own minds to think better and think clearer.  The clearer we think, the less we overthink.  By saving them you'll always have great thoughts at hand for when life gets tough.


6. Learn To Write

Learning how to write also helps clear our thoughts.  Write then remove all the words/sentences that don't add anything.  for example - 'The young boy ran towards the big red ball, pulled his leg back and then swung, kicking the ball straight into the back of the net.  Goal!' could be changed to 'The boy kicked the ball and scorred a goal'. much clearer and without all the fluff.  A great exercise if you want to clear your head.


7. Sweat

Imagine all your bad feelings as little monsters in your body.  You  can wait untill they die or you can sweat them out.  Think back to the last time you sweated, how good did you feel afterwards?  This isn't scintific, but this visual always helps when i'm feeling down.  I'll aim to sweat out the monsters and before long I'm feeling awesome again.


8. Hug

Body contact releases feel good chemicals and if you're hugging you're close enough to hang out and enjoy their company for a bit longer.  Hanging out with loved ones is one of the quickest ways to boost our moods.  Next time you see someone give them a hug and see how much better you both feel as a result.


9. Create

The art of creating gives our lives meaning.  Without us that creation would have never have existed.  It doesn't need to be much.  I write lists daily as an act of creating.  It doesn't matter how i feel, i write as a result i can go to bed knowing that i made a mark on the world during the day, by creating.  I've linked the site i use to write lists, i highly recommend it.  Write a list each day for a week and notice how much better you feel as a result.

10. Sing/Dance
Who doesn't feel better after singing and dancing?  If you're shy do it when you're alone.  If you're really really shy do it in you're head.  Just imagining it can produce similiar results.  So when your outside, feeling dull imagine yourself on stage singing and dancing along to your favourive song.  You'll be feeling great again in no time.

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