Better Questions For A Better Life: Mental Health

Better Questions For A Better Life: Mental Health



The questions we ask determine the answers we get.  This sounds obvious yet we all ask bad questions all the time.  If you want a quick description about what better questions are watch my animation below.



Got it? Great.  Below are a list of better questions related to mental health.  Answer these in your own time and notice how much better you feel afterwards.  Use your own journal, a notes app or answer in the comment section below.  


1. What am I grateful for today?


2. What virtues do I admire about my friends?


3. What have I achieved in my life?


4. What could my life look like in 5 years, if I do everything right?


5. What could my life look like in 5 years, if I do everything wrong?


6. What do I bring to my friend group? (Ask them if you struggle)


7. What are my favourite quotes? Why?


8. What did I learn today?


9. What did I do to make someone smile today?


10. What have I been thinking about lately? How do these thoughts make me feel?


11. What joy do I bring to the world?


12. Where are my current actions leading me?


13. Where are my current thoughts leading me?


14. Where would I like to be?


15. How can I show appreciation for my life?


16. What would my life look like if I was happy and healthy?


17. How does the content I consume affect how I think, feel and act?


18. What content do I need to stop consuming? Why?


19. What content will I consume more of? why?


20. What is and what isn't under my control?


21. If things continue as they are who will I become?


22. How can I reduce negative thoughts and feelings?


23. How can I increase positive thoughts/feelings?


24. What makes me awesome?


25. What qualities do kids admire about me? (Kids see more than adults)


26. Who do I care about?


27. How can I improve their lives?


28. Am I in control or am I a slave to my emotions?


29. What questions should I ask myself daily?


30. How would clothing from The Rocco Effect improve my mental health?



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