Dealing With Jelousy

Dealing With Jelousy

 Our envy of others devours us most of all. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn


Your jealous.  Someone has something you want power, fame, love ect. Below are a few ways to lesson jealousies power over you.


1. Gratitude List

Write out all that you do have. Imagine a starving African child taking your place. What would they be grateful for?  Write as much as you can down.  With each item your jealousy will reduce.


2. Awesome List

Write down all you have achieved in life. I'm guessing you can walk, talk, read. Use them to start your list if you're struggling.  If you put your mind to it you'll find that you're more amazing than you first thought.  Far too amazing to be jealous.


3. Unknown Unknowns

An unknown is getting fired from work.  An unknown unknown is having a car drive into you.  One you could have seen signs for if you looked hard enough, the other no-one could have seen coming.  Your jealous is of what you know, but what about all that you don't know and what about the things you couldn't even comprehend? Would really you trade your life now, knowing that you'd also have to take on these unknown unknowns for the chance to get what you're jealous of?  


The story of the monkey fingers comes to mind.  A magical item that will grant you any wish, but unknown consequences come along with that making every wish a curse.


4. Weakness 

Jealous is an anger towards others, targeted at yourself. It makes you weaker, as a result you continue to put yourself into a worse position.


5. Growth

What would you need to do to get yourself into a similar position? Maybe you need to go to the gym. Maybe you need to study. Maybe you need to show more kindness. Find out what you need to do and do it.


6. Why Did They Succeed Where You Failed?

Someone won where you failed.  why?  Find the real reasons and you will find your path forward.


7. Ask Better Questions

Are you asking 'why am I such a loser?' Why? That leads to a list of reasons confirming why your a loser which in turn will make you feel crap.  Instead ask 'how can I become the person who gets X?' 'what do I need to stop doing?' ask Better Questions, get better results.


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