How To Increase Reading For High School Students

How To Increase Reading For High School Students

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. - Dr. Seuss 

I didn't read much when I was a student.  Below are a few ideas that would have got me to pick up a book and read 


1. Non Fiction > Fiction

If I want fiction I can watch a TV show/Movie. I've read over 70 books in the last few years, none of which are fiction. I read because I want to learn new things and improve my life.

Having a library full of self help, Psychology, Science ect. and a brief description on how these could improve your life will increase reading a lot.

Would you have read more if you knew how that book would benefit your life?


2. Comics/Manga count

I read a lot of comics/manga, but was looked down upon due to them not being books, eventually I stopped. But the amount I read was well over what a lot of 'book readers' read. If reading is what matters, why do pictures lessen the experience?  

The town was ghastly, grey sky, silence apart from the occasional scream as someone was stabbed by one of the many thugs hiding in the shadows of the even shadier buildings that cast them.or you could have a picture that shows all of that and saves you time on reading.


Many people don't pick up a book because it's far too big.  How much shorter would fiction books be with pictures? Would that make them worse? I don't think so.  If anything it adds more to the experience.


Would you read more fiction if it where a comic/manga?  

3. Purpose

Similar to 1. If you know why you're reading and how it benefits your life you're far more likely to read. 'You need to read in order to pass your exam' is a useless reason. What are better reasons?


1. You'll learn better ways to think.  Therefore you can use less brain power to reach greater results.


2. You'll learn what actions lead to the life you want. 

If someone inspires you read the lessons they share.


3. You'll expand your vocabulary and articulate your thoughts more clearly. Calming your mind.

For example vocabulary is less stressful than saying 'all the words that I uses when I'm talking '. 


4. You'll shorten the gap between you and the elites of the world.  

Once you know how to do something doing it becomes a lot easier.


4. Blogs

What if the focus of reading was changed into how to write a great blog? After you read you can upload your review to an online blog and build an online following from them.  It doesn't need to be a review it can be takeaways, how you'll implement what you've learnt or how solutions in this book can solve other problems in the world.


Blogs bring a following and when people are praised for their work they want to do more.


5. Read in order to help with a project


I believe that instead of exams student's should work on a project of their choice and learn how to make it the best it can be over the course of a year.


After we leave school exam's no longer matter.  Were tasked with solving problems.  I'll write more about this in future posts, but for now imagine someone's project is to build a website that sells clothes.


You'd first read about how to sell clothing online.  Then you might jump to a design book then into specific art style.... Eventually you read how to market your new store. 


Surely this project is far more useful than the way education is done now.


How would you increase reading in high schools?

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