If I Was Prime Minister

If I Was Prime Minister



The focus should be on understanding, not retaining knowledge for just long enough to pass an exam. This is done by making what we teach them useful. Below are a few ideas that will also lead them to thinking like an entrepreneur.

Maths/Physics - Teach coding. Complex equations come to life to form in-game physics. Publish on Steam.

English - Write and publish your own book on Amazon.

Music - Team up and publish an album on Spotify

H.E - Have a food court at the end of the year where everyone sells all their best dishes. Make shift a restaurant were students are waiters, owners, chefs etc.

History - Produce a youtube video explaining something about history you enjoy.

You get the idea. If kids can see that what their learning will benefit their lives (Help them make money) they'll be far more likely to listen and do their own learning in order to improve. I used this method when teaching english. I had students have mock conversations with each other throughout the lesson and had them implement past conversations as well. English wasn't something for the future, it's something they could use today.

Kids now leave school with the knowledge to make their own money. This not only reduces unemployment, but with more creative minds the country will improve at a faster rate.


Let's start by getting rid of Hate Crime laws. A crimes a crime, regardless of who it happens to. Just because you are (insert minority group here) doesn't mean that you suffer more due to being a victim. It also pushes a focus on seeing people as a minority group rather than an individual. Get rid of this and we've got rid of a lot of 'crimes' already.

Next we should focus on why people commit crimes in the first lace. Money? Idea one helps reduce the need for that sort of crime. Anger? Let's teach therapy techniques in school as well. Let's share these techniques on TV as well. Gangs? That's as simple as building more facilities for young folks to have fun.
When there's nothing to do kids make their own fun. Psychopaths? I don't think we can change them, but we can help push them to focus their skills in other areas. CEO, Surgeon, Pilot ect. jobs where a calm mind in a stressful situation is key.

Looking into what leads to people wanting to commit cries, rather than dealing with the aftermath of crimes is the obvious solution.

Health Care

Stress causes everything to get worse, so lets start by teaching people how to deal with it better. Schools should teach journaling, meditation, breath work etc. Having these tools at hand will reduce stress related illnesses by a lot.

Food is medication. Pushing this reframe will make people think twice before they eat junk. I'd also encourage everyone to download an app like Yuka, which allows you to scan items in the supermarket to see how healthy they are. I'd also encourage fasting.

A/E payment. In the UK taxes pay for our healthcare, but more pay would decreases the amount of non serious visits to A/E. If you had to pay £10, you'd probably put off getting a cough checked on day one, (it's probably just a cold), but you wouldn't mind paying if its been on going for a week with no other symptoms. You get the idea a little bit of friction helps reduce wait times.

Biology > Feelings. Stop with the Trans woman are woman thing. When it comes to healthcare your biological sex should be far more important than your preferred gender. I wouldn't trust a Dr. that has to ask me, a man, if there's any possibility that i could be pregnant. If you can't work this out, i'll find someone else. My health's to important to risk it with someone who doesn't know basic biology.

Management. Bring in CEOs from top businesses to test out different ways of managing the hospitals. See what works best and implement those practices elsewhere. It's not about making money, but it is about using the money allocated to them in the best, most efficient way.


Send anyone caught coming in illegal back to the last safe country they where in. Being the UK we're surrounded by safe countries so this shouldn't be a problem. Next make it easier for those that are skilled and want to come in. We can make it easier for skilled jobs we need filled and harder for the jobs we don't currently need filled.

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