Inventions I'd Like To See

Inventions I'd Like To See

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. - Steve Jobs


1. Spring Loaded Shelf Stacker

I work in retail.  When stocks low we pull the items forward to make the store look beautiful, but this takes a fair bit of time.  What if the items were pushed forward automatically? Why this isn't already a thing is insane.  Every store 'faces up'. Surely it can't be that hard to make.  Can it?  You could even use this at home to stop you from needing to reach to the back of the drawer.


2. Karaoke Bus

You always get twats at the back of the bus listening to crap music and talking to loudly.  What if there was a bus just for them?  The top deck has a karaoke machine, you stand at the front and sing away 

Think about how popular it would be as you head with friends to town before a night out.  The party continues as you head home after a night out.


3. Firemans Pole

All flats (apartments) should have a fireman's pole.  It will save you taking the stares or waiting on a lift and most importantly it'd be tons of fun sliding down from the 30th floor.


4. Real Mario Kart

You now have remote controlled Mario Kart that synced to your switch so you can race in real life whilst also racing in the game.  It's magic, check out the video below.



What if we took this to the next level?   Real Life Mario Kart.  You race around a track, with friends whilst wearing Augmented Reality VR Headsets (You can see computer generated content onto of the real world) You can pick up items and use them to speed up, slow another player down, make them stop, glitch there headset etc. With todays technology this is possible and if it's possible it seems insane that it's not being made.  Make it real.


5. Light Up Shoes For Adults

Even kids know that lights make you run faster.  Who wouldn't want superhuman speed?  Maybe they've banned these for adults due to safety concerns, but if they ever do become a thing I can't wait to run at supersede. zzooooommmmm....


6. Space X Funeral Service

How do you want you remans to be handled after you die?  Burial? yawn. Cremation? boring. Getting blasted into Space out into the vast unknown or directly towards the sun? Awesome!

Technology might not be there just yet, but hopefully by the time we die it is.  How awesome would it be to be shot out into space?  And I already anticipate people moaning about 'mess' the universe is infinite this 'mess' is like a single dust particle, nothing.

So what are you waiting for Mr.Musk make this a reality.


7. Abandoned Building Laster Quest/Paintball

Instead of shooting each other behind makeshift battlefields why not use real buildings?  Even better if you can find ghost towns to do it.  I think this would be really cool.  Go one step further and place objectives at different locations as you go.  Think of it as real life goldeneye.


8. Mirror + Instagram

Haven't been to the gym?  Had a few too many takeaways this week? No worries.  With the Insta Filter mirror you'll always look amazing.


9. Headband Sunglasses

Sunglasses with wee jaggy bits at the top so you can also use it as a headband.  People use them as headbands anyway so why not take that into a count when making them?


10. Zoetrope Bracelet

A Zoetrope was an old animation device.  You'd spin he device, look through slots at the side and you'd see a repeating animation.  

Could this be made into a bracelet?  They could become the new fidget spinners.


11. Necklace / Amebo

Nintendo has toys that hold a bunch of data that can be transferred between games.  What if you had a necklace that stored data about you.  Chat to someone new, want to share your Facebook, phone no. and instagram.  Just tap on their phone and they instantly have it all.  Typing everything is annoying, they're must be an easier way.

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