Make Money As You Sleep

Make Money As You Sleep

 If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. - Warren Buffett


Why work per/hour when you can work and make money from that work for the rest of your life?  Here's a few examples on how you can make money as you sleep.


1. Books

Spend time writing a book.  Use amazon KDP to publish it.  You now have an Amazon product that will make you cash ever time its sold, even as you sleep.

When you first start aim to write a crap book.  Once done rewrite everything so you have a bad book.  Rewrite that so you have an alright book.  Keep up this process of writing and rewriting until you reach perfection.


Once you're ready to publish check out -

My Books

The Rocco Effect - Set 1

The Rocco Effect - ?

The Rocco Effect - Set 2 


2. Clothing

Make some nice designs and print them onto clothing/merchandise.  You can use Canva to make your designs for free.  Next open up a Shopify store.  Add the 'Printful' App and follow the instructions to create your clothing.

This is the process I've used to create this website.  Check it out and who knows, you might just find your new favourite piece of clothing.




3. Online Course

Record video lessons and upload them to an online learning site as a teacher.  Skillshare allows you to upload your classes and will pay you based on sign ups.

I tried using Skillshare, but I had no luck.  I think part of it was my course 'How to live a happier life'. As much as people talk about wanting to be happier, most aren't willing to put in the work to get there.


4. NFTs

Make a piece of art and upload it as an NFT.  NFTs are basically digital pictures that can be traced back to you as the owner.  Imagine the Mona Lisa.  Sure they're many poster and forgeries, but the one with all the value is the real one, the one painted by Da Vinci.  

I don't see this type of NFT kicking off.  There's a difference between a painting and a poster, even a masters painting and a professional painting.  There's no difference between digital images.  No difference = no added value.  Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't see it.



5. Music

Make some music, upload it to Spotify.  Make cash every time someone listens to it.

Im not a musician.  I can't offer much advice on how to create music and upload it to Spotify.  But if you are check out the site below and follow Spotifys instructions.

Spotify For Artists


6. Videos

Upload videos to Youtube.  Make them go viral and start raking in the money.  


Making videos is the easy part, marketing them to a wide audience is difficult.  Use different social medias to share your videos and hopefully one kicked off bringing in a wider audience to your creations.


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