Mental Reframes

Mental Reframes

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. - Abraham Lincoln  

Reframes help us see the world through a different lens.  Here's a few that I've gathered that will help you view the world in a new light.


1. 95% of news is fake

is it?  I don't know, but if we treat what we see as if it's likely to be fake we're far less likely to be fooled. 

The news is pushing a narrative rather than accurately reporting what is going on.  That's how you can get two vastly different stories about the same event.  Was it a protest or a riot?  Where they a hero or a violent thug?  Is it good or bad for the environment?They're both framing it to fit their narrative, their reframing.

2. Sugar is a drug

we all know we should consume less sugar, but it's not easy, it's addictive.  By saying too ourselves'sugar is a drug' whenever we see sugary products, we'll find it easier to walk away from them.

3. Alcohol is poison

similar to 'sugar is a drug ' when we tell ourselves 'alcohol is poison we can envision our body breaking down and slowly dying from the inside.  Which isn't far off the truth.  Whenever we see alcohol or drink it if we tell out 'alcohol is poison ' we'll consume a lot less and feel happier and healthier as a result.

4. Life is 90% managing addictions

how long we stay in bed.  What we do after we wake up.  What we have for breakfast.  How much sugar we put into our coffee ect.  


When we look at our lives through this lens it's much easier to make small adjustments to improve our lives.  What addictions will you seek to change?

5. Family is everything

For those thinking 'i hate my family '. Think of this reframe as the family you choose.  The people closest to you that you'd do anything for.


Family is there when you hit rock bottom and have nothing.  Hopefully life doesn't get this bad, but If it doesn't you'll be glad you have the safety net of a loving family to catch you.


When we tell ourselves 'family is everything ' we treat them better, we don't let ourselves get angry with eachother and we help eachother out.  This results in having a strong safety net for whenever we do fall.

6. Parents have more patience than the child

Not long ago in the childs life, before they could walk and talk they could cry.  Waaa... Waaa..... Waaa.... Got them anything they wanted.  Then one day everything changed.  Crying wasn't met with everyone slaving to your needs, it was met with 'no.'. So, you wonder what you're doing wrong and then it hits you, your not crying loud enough so you start screaming and stopping your feet.  There's no way they read this.  You really want that toy.  It's super obvious.  But shockingly this isn't met with a toy it's met with screams and punishment.


It's not easy being a kid.  Push yourself to be a little more tolerant with their nonsense.

7. A fool and his money are soon parted

It's always the same people that need to borrow money.  They priorities the wrong thing's and as a result never have money for the important things.


Live off 90 % of your earnings.  Dropping 10% is nothing, but allows you extra for emergencies.

Now take your 90% and devide it by the amount of day's left till your next paid.  That's how much you can spend each day.if you don't spend as much during the week you'll have more to spend on the weekend.

8. Systems are greater than goals

Goals are what you want.  Systems are what gets you there.  If you're goal is to write a book you'd write until you had a book.  Once you complete your goal you'll feel great, until you don't.  You'll soon feel lost what's been keeping you going is now gone, now what?


Systems are writing a little each day.  Every day after you do it you feel great for finishing that.  You eventually write a book, but instead of stopping you continue to write each day and continue to feel great and have a purpose each day.


Convert your goals into daily systems and notice how much more gets done and how much better you feel as a result.

9. Exercise by deap breathing

We don't view breathing as exercise, but deep breathing has a lot of health benefits (Search 'The wim Hoff method.'). When we view this as exercise we put more attention into doing it and we feel great about ourselves once we do it.  Deep breathing a few times a day will make you feel as great as a workout at the gym.  Try it out.

10. Debt is slavery 

If you owe someone they own a part of you.  You're not free until it's paid back.


This is easily avoided don't spend money you don't have.  Don't get yourself into situations where you need to borrow money. 

If you do unfortunately get into debt paying it back and regaining your freedom should be your no.1 prioritie, because no one deserves to be a slave.

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