More Mental Reframes

More Mental Reframes

How long are you going to wait before you demand the best of yourself? - Epictetus


1. You're not addicted to X.  You're addicted to the dopamine X creates

So find that boost somewhere else.  Exercise.  Create. Hug someone.  Hang out with friends.  


2. There's someone who would give up everything to be where you are now

No matter how bad life gets there's people living in far worse conditions.  See your life through their eyes.  If you ever feel down write a list of all the things they would love about your life - I have a bed, good friends, access to fresh drinking water, access to the internet...


3. Anxiety is experiencing failure in advanced 

Just do your best.  The outcome doesn't matter as much as your effort.  You can't do better than your best, it's impossible, so why stress over it?


4. Sleepy Sugar

Notice how worn down you feel after that initial high.  If you focus on how exhausted you feel afterwards it will be easier to walk away from sweets in he future.


5. Bad teeth ruin a face

It doesn't matter how beautiful the face is.  If they smile and have nasty teeth all beauty is lost.  Remember this next time Sleepy Sugar doesn't work.


6. Problems = opportunities

All businesses solve a problem.  Supermarkets solve the problem of traveling to multiple stores.  Clothing solves the problem of standing out/fitting in.  Phones solve the problem of communicating over long distances.  Whatever problems you face chances are that there's millions experiencing the same problems.  Give them a solution and you have customers.  What opportunities are in your life now?

7. No-one will do this for me

Learn to take control of your own life.  If you want something done learn how to do it and do it.  If you want to do something, but have no-one to go with, go yourself.  


8. Me first

Take care of yourself first, only then should you branch out ad take care of others.  If you burn yourself out and make yourself sick by focusing on everyone else you then become a burden for them, but if you focus on yourself you'll be far more useful to everyone.


9. Money solves problems

Before you buy something ask yourself 'What problem is this solving?' the answer may lead you to buying something cheeper that does the same job.  If you notice a problem that can be solved with a little money, solve it.  Your peace of mind is worth the money.


9. Pain is weakness leaving the body

When you feel the pain at the gym see the sweat as weakness leaving you.  You'll accomplish more as a result.


10. I don't do X

Replace 'I can't do X' with 'I don't do X.' One makes you look weak the other makes you look strong.  Change your thoughts to this and you'll soon become more confident and demand more respect.


11. Everything is an abstraction  

Some people believe in god, others aliens, others ghosts and despite all these different ways of looking at the world they're all able to live full happy lives.  it doesn't matter if somethings not true if it makes you happy and harms no-one, believe what works for you.  Believing what predicts best is about as good as you can do believing that Santa brings presents works until it no longer adds up and makes sense.  As we grow we should look back and adjust our beliefs.  Knowlage changes everything.


12. Bloated Bread

Bread makes you fat.  Next time you eat it picture yourself as fat, slow and wheezing.  You'll soon cut down your consumption.


13. Training = Talent

We talk about how some people are gifted with talent the likes of which no-one else can attain, so why bother.  But they're not born with it, they worked hard to develop those skills and if you worked just as hard you too could get there.  Biology plays a part, its unlikely that a dwarf will ever play in the NBA no matter the training, but for the most part training is what gets you there, not biology.


14. People are far to busy thinking about themselves to be thinking about you

How many embarrassing stories about other people do you remember?  Others have just as much interest in you. 

15. What are the unintended consequences?

India had a problem with venomous snakes killing people.  There was loads of snakes in the wild and no-one knew what to do.  Then one man suggested 'Why not pay people to bring us dead snakes?' let the people do the work of killing them and reduce the deaths as a result.  Perfect solution, right?  Wrong.  The unintended consequence was that due to being paid people started to farm these snakes, kill them and make easy money as a result.  Soon the government couldn't keep up the payments and stopped the scheme.  With no reason to continue farming the farmers released their snakes into the wild.  Making the problem worse that it initially was.  This is the law of unintended consequences, no-one saw this coming, but if they pause and asked themself 'What are the unintended consequences?' someone might of foreseen this.  Before making big decisions always ask yourself 'What are the unintended consequences?'


What frame did you like best?  What reframe would you like to share with the rest of us?

Thanks again for reading.



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