Reasons Not To Drink

Reasons Not To Drink


No person is free who is not master of himself - Epictetus


I've been off alcohol for over a month now.  I tried it again a few days ago, but that just confirmed that I don't need it.  Below are a list of personal reasons I'm no longer drinking. Is this confirmation that I will never drink alcohol again? no.  Just that I currently don't feel like it and can't see myself going back to it anytime soon, but who knows what the future holds.


1. Alcohol is poison

It kills your body and mind.  I enjoy being healthy and having a genius level intelligence, it would be a shame to lose either one, never mind both.  I've also got Epilepsy and drinking doesn't help.  I've done well to stay off meds and drink, but why risk it?


2. Enjoyment

For the most part this is why people drink.  Meet with friends, drink and have a great time.  I always did.  Hanging out with friends is the highlight of my week, but I don't need alcohol for that.  For the last month I've hung out just as much and had fun without alcohol.  If I don't need it, what's the point?


3. Liquid Courage

A little drink and suddenly you can waltz across the room and chat to the person you've had your eye on all night.  I talk to everyone anyway.  Since being sober my results with lassies has been better than ever.  At this point drink would just make me look worse.  I've no need for artificial courage, I've got the real thing.


4. Money

Alcohol costs a fortune, but non alcohol cost a lot less.  Easy way to save money.  The Scottish alcohol tax (50p per unit) has also increased (65p per unit.) and with that so have/will drink prices.  It's getting to the point where id rather spend my money elsewhere - A night out with fights, puking and drama, followed by a pounding hangover or a captivating blend of stylish, timeless, and meticulously crafted clothing that redefine sophistication from TheRoccoEffect?  Easy decision.


5. Taste

I tried non-alcoholic drinks years ago and they were disgusting.  Maybe it was just the particular brand I tried, who knows.  Anyway, I retried non-alcoholic beers and (For the most part) they taste great (Shoutout to my favourite - Beaverton Laser Crush.  Delicious.). 


6. Hangover Free

Waking up after a night out with a pounding headache and no energy as well as regards over how cringy you acted the night before isn't the best way to start the day.  Since being sober I've started to wake up feeling great with enough energy to continue working away on my side projects.  I don't need to regret anything as I'm smart enough nt to make any stupid decisions.  Would you rather wake up feeling like crap or feeling as fresh as a daisy on a warm summers day?  Yeah, thought so.


7. Drunk Msg's

We've all sent cringe messages when drunk.  When you send them you imagine that your in a Shakespeare play reciting the most beautiful sonnet to your love that is swooning over the balcony, when in reality it's more like a homeless bum covered in his own piss and vomit shouting 'Nice ass' as someone walks by.  Not waking up to that feels amazing.


8. I Want To

You say you're not drinking and everyone jumps to 'What's wrong? Are you sick? I hope you're alright' which is nice, but why is that the case?  Do you really need to push yourself to the brink of serious illness/death before stopping seems like the right option?  I'd rather get nowhere near that stage.  

9. Cognitive Disonance

* Forgive me if the following story isn't 100% accurate.  Accuracy is't the point anyways, the point is understanding how our brains work and that part is true.

During WW2 prisoners of war were tasked with writing why their captors were nice/good people and why their ideology was better than their own.  Over time the process of writing these letters, over and over again, in their own words, changed how they thought.  They began to believe it.  Why would they constantly write lies?  If they're writing it it must be true.  

All of our brain work the same.  The process of writing this and repeating these claims will rewire my brain and make it easier to stay sober.  If there's something you would like to believe write out your own list and repeat the claims.  It won't take long before you believe it.


10.  Growth

I've not been well lately.  During that time I told myself that not only will I get myself out of that hell, id grow as a result.  This is part of that growth.  If you thought I was already amazing (Of course you did) you Ayn't seen nothing yet.

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