The 'They're Evil' Play

The 'They're Evil' Play

 It's not things that upset us. It's our judgement about things. - Epictetus


I've seen this done multiple times. Once I see the play I just dismiss whatever they're saying and believe the opposite to be true.  

People I've seen it done to - Trump, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, Jk Rowling and most recently Andrew Tate


1. Outlandish Claim 

State an outlandish claim, that if true would prove that these people are vial and should not be looked up to.  The more evil it is the better.  Make people outraged from the heading alone.

Trump said nazis are fine people.

Jk Rowling/Jordan Peterson are transphobes.

Joe Rogan is an Anti-Vaxer.

Elon Musk is a Nazi Sympathiser

Andrew Tate is a Sex Trafficker. 

Russell Brand is a rapist.


2. Back Up Claim With 'Evidence'

Take something said/done out of context and use that to prove your point.  Whenever you see 'evidence' that proves people are this evil watch the full clip, 99% of the time they're saying the opposite.  for example...


Trump 'Fine People' -


Did you really think a president would call Nazis fine people?

 Or have 'anonymous sources ' tell you about the evils they witnessed.  The great thing about this is you can lie and say that you were just reporting what they said.  Noone can confirm/deny if you did because noone knows who the anonymous source is.  They might even report these source's as 'credible ' or 'trustworthy'.  Next time you hear 'anonymous source ' replace it in your head with the town gossip and you'll quickly see how much credibility you should give it.  But what if there's multiple anonymous sources all saying the same thing?  What if there's multiple town gossips spewing the same nonsense?  Probably rubbish.

3. Act As If It's True

Future stories will now be based on the 'fact' that they have been proven to be evil. People will be too lazy to look into it and assume it must be true. Often they'll quietly admit that the initial claim was taking out of context, but continue to act like the claim is true anyway.

I can't believe you'd vote for trump, he's literally Hitler!  

I can't believe you listen to Jordan Peterson he's a transphobe biggot!!

 I can't believe you watch Andrew Tate he's a sex trafficker!!!

I can't believe you like Russell Brand.  He's a rapist!!!!

4. Justice

Take action on these people. Shut them down. Cancel them, jail them, attack them.  Demand that they pay for their evils.


Trumps impeachments (that went nowhere), fbi rade (that will also lead nowhere).  And now another case, that will suprise suprise, go nowhere.

Andrew Tates arrest. That went nowhere.



* Final Thoughts


Keep in mind that this isn't 100% effective.  Sometimes evil people do exist.  Do your own research watching the original clip in full context is usually enough to debunk this play.  Dismissing anonymous sources.  Realising that documentaries are designed to make you believe a narrative, leaving believing that narrative doesn't mean it's true, only that the documentary did it's job.

Where have you seen this play being used? Let us know in the comments.

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