What is The Rocco Effect?

What is The Rocco Effect?

The secret to being wrong isn't to avoid being wrong! The secret is being willing to be wrong. The secret is realizing that wrong isn't fatal. - Seth Godin


1. Depression

I've always fought it  (I think that's the price you pay for being a thinker, sometimes it's filed with greatness, other times it's filled with crap) but it never got that bad at least until my gran died. I was out in China during that time and despite having friends there it was the loneliest I've ever felt. And before long the friends I did have out there all started leaving.

Work wasn't much better I felt like most of my workmates hated me and I was in constant fights with the boss. There was a lot of good, but I was hating life.

So I decided to get better.


2. Coaching

I took a coaching course. How to be a life coach . You analyse parts of your life that could be better, then set out a plan on how to improve them.  During that process I learned how to help myself out of my slump and swore that once I did I'd help others.

I worked out why I felt crap and set myself projects that would help improve myself. Despite not reading anything for years I read a book every month for 2 years. That impossible task lead to more like publishing my own books and starting my own clothing brand.


3. Facebook Page

Early on in my development I decided to share anything useful I learned to a Facebook page (The Rocco Effect) so I could help others as I helped myself.

This then developed into a series of comics. I read that if you can't explain something simply you don't understand it. By simplifying advice to 6 panels I learnt even more.

This simplifying has become the core of The Rocco Effect. My books are essentially guidebooks. It would be easy to beef them out, but what would be the point in that? I hate bible sized books that could easily be the size of one chapter. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

My clothing follows this simple advice core as well. Simple descriptions, simple designs and life changing advice, all whilst looking amazing 😎


4. The Rocco Effect Comics (Read Here)

I wanted to share great advice to everyone, so I challenged myself to simplify it to 6 panels. I've never seen comics like this before. I've seen lecturer's drawn as comics, but never something so simple.

People loved them. In the same way that newspaper comics offered a quick laugh The Rocco Effect offered quick advice they could use that day to improve their lives.


6. The Rocco Effect Books (Set 1) (Set 2)

The comics because so popular that I decided to add a little more advice, tasks and journal questions to really engrain the advice being shared.

Everyone that read the book loved it. I still get thanks off people for sharing advice that changed their lives for the better.

I wrote a second book and people liked that even more. Once I'm done with my current projects I'll make sure the third is the best one yet.


7. ? (Buy Here)

I noticed that nothing brings people together like questions. Fun questions to be exact. Political questions don't do so well.

So I decided to create a book that would bring people together. I thought of having this by the water cooler at work or on tables at the café. Something to bring everyone together.

So I wrote over 100 fun questions and prompts. Made the book big to fit in more answers and published it.

After publishing I realised that it also served as a keepsake. Something to look back on and remember good times with friends. I carry mine everywhere and let new friends answer when I meet them.


8. How To Be Happy

I had the idea of making a happiness online course. I made videos that laid out the advice from my comics and included tasks students could take to become happier. I still think the content was great, but where I failed was in promoting happiness and not 'Beating Depression' I thought it was the same, but after talking to people I can now see that they'd much rather get rid of the depression and feel numb than keep it and feel happy.

The course wasn't a complete failure I simplified the videos in to 60 second clips and shared them. People loved them. I'm not making money from it, but I am making the world a happier place, so I can't complain.


9. TheRoccoEffect.com


The initial idea grew from the same place the comic, books and online course came from - Creating something that will last forever. A lot of hard work, for a short time and have something I can sell for the rest of my life compared to working hard day after day and having nothing to show for it.


I started with designs based around my jokes. They didn't work. Jokes were to long or just didn't work as a t-shirt design. Then I started thinking 'What would make a good clothing design?' I started noticing designs everywhere. I saw a lot of very poor quotes/advice. The type of quotes and advice that would eventually lead to bad thinking/actions and depression. Quote like 'I feel fine' made up up depressing words (depressed, lonely, stupid, ugly etc.) Waking up seeing that and walking around highlighting to everyone that you feel this way is just going to harden these feelings (Confirmation Bias) and make your life worse. Or 'Do what makes you happy. Screw what anyone else thinks' I like to attribute this quote to Adolf Hitler to highlight just how stupid it is. I encourage you to read peoples clothing and rank how likely they are to improve/destroy your life. You'll be amazed how much destruction is out there.


After seeing so much nonsense that was out there I knew what I had to do. Share quotes/advice that will improve peoples lives. I started with quotes that improved my thinking. Then I moved into a focus on death. If we know that we will die as well as all our loved ones we appreciate our lives more. I wear shoes with this design so that every time I look down I'm reminded that life is short and to appreciate the time I have, it gives me the energy I need to keep moving forward. After the Memento Mori collection I made the Reframe collection. A collection of phrases that help you view the world in a new light. instead of seeing yourself 'going through hell' you can reframe the situation as 'forged in fire' swords don't come about by magic, the steal is heated to extreme temperatures then pounded into shape, over and over again. The hell that the steal goes through results in a strong and sharp sword that can cut through anything. Next time life get's tough remind yourself of the Forged In Fire reframe and get out the other side stronger than anyone can imagine.


There's far too much bad quotes and advice out there. I want to reverse that and in turn end the current mental health crisis. If you'd like to help then get yourself some clothing that will change the thinking of everyone who reads it for the better. Thanks for reading.



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