Why ūĚēŹ is better than Twitter

Why ūĚēŹ is better than Twitter

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. - Malcom X


1. Publicity

Perfect time for the change.  It's what everyones talking about.  The only other current news is the Barbie movie. And Threads 'The Twitter Killer' is already dying.


2. Dictionary 

We're no longer going to be tweeting we'll be X'ing, videos will be Xdeos, podcasts will be casts ect. Why is this important?¬† How many words start with X pretty much x-ray and xylophone. ¬†This move gives ¬†¬†ūĚēŹ ¬†a chapter (letter) in every dictionary, dedicated to the app (considering he makes actions starting with X related to using his app.)

I'm amazed no-one thought of this sooner.  

3. XXX

People related X sites to the Dodgy side of the internet, but sex sells.  If people instinctively have those feelings when thinking about the app you're off to a great start.  We all know it isn't that sort of site, but feelings act before our mind, that's what's key.


4. Rise of the¬†pheniūĚēŹ

Twitter had to die.  

We associate twitter with Twitter. ¬†Tweeting, commenting, trending ect. ¬†Elon envisions something more for ūĚēŹ.¬† Something closer to China's WeChat. ¬†An app that does everything. ¬†Add new features to twitter that aren't twitter related and people get upset, confused and back out, add them to a new app, new apps are expected to grow and change, no big deal. ¬†Twitter had to die before the world could envision this new app.¬† It's not a better twitter, it's something completely different, it's X.


5. Greetings


Everytime you see the letter X, you'll think of the app.  Similar to every time you see 'Facebook,' you think of Facebook.


Happy birthday

Love Gran


(Advertising everywhere.  And how do we feel when we see these X's from a loved one?  This is why the change is genuis)

6. Pirates

Who doesn't love pirates? X marks the spot.  

7. Religion

X is a lot like a cross.  It's not quite there, but im sure it'll emote similar feelings when christians see it.

8. Strength

Make a square out of straws.  Push it.  It moves easily and will break apart without much effort.  Add an X.  Suddenly it's as strong as the terminator.

9. XD

It's a super happy expression.  Or it means someones dead.  Hopefully it reflects XD rather than XP (Turn head to see face.)


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