Christmas In China (Original Song)

Christmas In China (Original Song)

A Beautiful Christmas Song About A Boy And His Dog.

(Verse 1)
Christmas in China,
Extra homework for the little miner,
No presents for him, l
The day is looking to be dim,
And not just cause of the smog,
Mums went and roasted up the dog,
Cause meat will make me strong,
And hot water will make me live long,
So santa if you're not just a hack,
Please bring my dog back,

(Verse 2)
So Santa, hear my heartfelt plea,
If you're real, not just fantasy.
Bring back my dog, oh man in red,
Grant the wish that fills my head.

Bring my dog back for Christmas cheer,
I've been good, throughout the year.
I'll leave you beer by the tree,
Just work your magic and grant my plea.

So bring him back for Christmas,

(Verse 3)
I ate my dinner and went to bed,
Little did I know the plate was made of lead,
But don't cry for me,
Cause I'm happy,
I get to be with my dog for Christmas,

Santa used his magic on me,
Now I can see,
My dog,
For Christmas.

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