The Moon (Original Song)

The Moon (Original Song)

A song about the moon being naughty.

I was walking down the street one night,

When i saw the moon,

The big bright moon,

The big bright moon, mooning down on me,

And i said,

"Hey moon,

That's not really nice of you,

Why you mooning down on me?"

The moon just stood there,

Staring at me,

Like i'm some sort of crazy man,

I'm like

"I'm not crazy"

So i pulled down my pants,

And i mooned that moon,

I mooned that moon, mooning down on me,

And i said

"Hey moon.

How do you like it?

How do you like being mooned?"

But the moon wasn't impressed

And neither was the police man,

In his police car,

Ahead in the street,

Looking at me,

And he's like

"Hey man

What you doing mooning at me?"

And i'm like,

"I'm not mooning at you.

I'm mooning at the moon.

I'm mooning at the moon thats mooning down on me."

And the policeman said,

"Man you must be crazy,

Are you on drugs?"

I'm like

"I'm not on drugs.
I'm on the pavement"


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