13 - End The Day Happy

13 - End The Day Happy

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou

A happy ending can make you forget about all the rubbish before hand. If you leave happy, you'll soon forget the bad. I learned about this trick whilst working for a supermarket. If a customer leaves happy, they'll want to return, if not ,they will likely find somewhere else to shop. I took this lesson into my next job, teaching, and made sure every class ended with happy kids. They all left smiling and wanting to return to the next class. Wanting to return also made them want to learn and study harder at home. The customers could have had a bad time in store, the kids could have been crying during class, but that was all forgotten when the customers concerns where dealt with and the kids got to play a game. I then expanded this practice into my day to day life. If I meet someone I do my best to make sure they leave happy and I do my best to make sure I end my days happy. I want people to hang out with me again and I want to welcome the new day like my customers and students welcomed their returns to the store and the classroom. A happier life is as simple as making sure you always end things on a happy note. 

The Rocco Effect - End The Day Happy


For the next week. Turn off your phone, relax your mind and do something that will make you happy before going to sleep.

1. Notice how you feel as you lye in bed
2. Notice how you feel when you wake up
3. Did you miss anything important because you switched your phone off earlier?

Journal Questions

1. How do you end your days?
2. What can you do to end the day happier?
3. How does ending the day happy affect the following day?

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