15 - Focus

15 - Focus


Always remember, your focus determines your reality. - George Lucas

Focus is the key to a better life. What we focus on is what we see, what we see determines your reality. To see this for yourself watch the 'selective attention test' on Youtube. Since focus is directly linked to our reality, does it make any sense to focus on the negative? Of course not. It makes sense to focus on solutions you can take to make things better, but that's a positive, don't confuse the two. Should a negative thought creep into your head tell it with as much passion an emotion as you can to 'F**k Off!' and replace it with the exact opposite or a solution. e.g 'I suck, no one will ever love me' changes to 'I'm awesome. Everyone loves me' (both are untrue, but one leads to a much better outcome.), What we focus on will become our reality, stop focusing on being a loser and start focusing on being the hero you where born to be.
The Rocco Effect - Focus
For the next week

1. Write down your negative thoughts
2. Change them to be positive.
3. Read and repeat the positive thoughts throughout the day
4.Notice how quickly you start to feeling awesome

Journal Questions

1. What have you been focusing on lately?
2. Is this focus improving your life?
3. What could you shift your focus to in order to improve your life?
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