16 - Learn Something New

16 - Learn Something New


Value learning above everything else. This will lead you to all the right choices. - Robert Greene

People aren't happy about where they are their happy about where they're going. Would you be happy with a $1,000,000 ? What if you had just lost $20,000,000 and that's all you had left? It's not what you have, it's the direction you're moving that matters. Happiness is as simple as moving in a positive direction. I do this by learning something new. I read, watch videos and listen to podcasts, then take notes on what was taught. I then share those lessons with others to help reinforce my own knowledge as well as theirs. Learning allows us to solve problems in new ways. Think about what your life would look like after doing after gaining a week, moth, years worth of new knowledge. Growth = happiness.

The Rocco Effect - Learn Something New



What would you like to learn about this week? Why?

1. Learn something new, each day
2. Take notes to remind yourself what you learned
3. At the end of the week, share your new knowledge with others
Notice how your growth and happiness are linked


Journal Questions

1. What did you learn today?

2. What sources do you use to learn new things?
3. How can you shave what you have learnt?

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