19 - Values

19 - Values


It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.
― Roy Disney

Values are the reason why somethings make us happy and others make us sad. If you value the truth, even a white lie, in the hopes to make you feel better, would hurt you. If you value family, only for them to pick friends over you, that would hurt. Often we feel this way, without knowing why and this leads to a lot of stress and questioning ourselves.

Once you know your values, knowing what choice to make is a lot easier. You choose whatever choice is closest to your highest values. Even in failure, you can rest happy, knowing that you made the right choice.

The Rocco Effect  Values


1. Take 15 minutes to write down your values and whats important to you

2. Pick your top 5

3. Write down different ways you can honour these values.

4. Honour one every day and notice how you feel afterwards.

Journal Questions

1. Where have you noticed your values?

2. How did this make you feel?

3. How did you honour your values?

4. Did you have negative feelings this week? How where these related to your values?

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