20 - Water

20 - Water


Simple works, complex fails – Tim Ferris

We all know we should be drinking more water, but it's often a challenge to get started. The solution, make it so easy, that not doing it, is the difficult option. Buy a water bottle, fill it up every morning and carry it with you throughout the day and drink whenever you feel thirsty. Don't aim to drink the full bottle, just aim to drink when you feel like drinking, that way you'll always win and as we learned before, a small win is better than nothing. This positive reinforcement will eventually lead to betterÚ behaviour. Since it's always with you the harder option would be to get up and find another drink, this little bit of friction will make drinking water a lot easier.

The Rocco Effect - Water


1. If you haven't got one, buy a water bottle
2. Fill it up every morning. Drink throughout the day.
3. Notice if you feel happier/healthier

Journal Questions

1. How do you feel after drinking more water?
2. What benefits have you started to notice?
3. How would you persuade others to drink more water?

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