21 - F**k off!

21 - F**k off!


Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are the weeds that strangle confidence. - Bruce Lee

How often do you have negative thoughts? I'm guessing more often than you'd like. We wouldn't let others talk to us that way, so why do we allow ourselves? Next time you notice one of these thought creeping in, reply with 'Fuck off!' and replace it with the opposite though Eg. I'm stupid - Fuck off! - I'm a genius. Both are untrue, but one leads to you feeling crap and one leads to you feeling awesome. Why would you choose to feel rubbish when it's just as easy to feel amazing?

The Rocco Effect - F**k off!



1. Notice your thoughts
2. Tell bad thoughts to 'Fuck off!'
3. Replace thought with the opposite
4. Start feeling great again

Journal Questions

1. What thoughts have you told to 'Fuck off!'?
2. What have you replaced them with?
3. How do these new thoughts make you feel?

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