22 - Availability Cascade

22 - Availability Cascade


It's the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen. - Muhammad Ali

When we consistently reinforce certain ideas, our minds adopt them as truths. By deliberately choosing positive thoughts and words, we can transform our actions and beliefs for the better.

The Availability Cascade states that If something is repeated often enough, we'll act as if it's true. If we repeat negative thoughts, we'll soon start acting as if they're true and before long, those actions lead to them becoming true. Reflect on the recurring thoughts and phrases in your life, and intentionally replace them with uplifting alternatives.

What repeating thoughts do you have? What words/phrases do you often say? Take note of them and replace them with more positive thoughts/words/phrases and before long you'll be feeling and acting as if they're true.

The Rocco Effect - Availability Cascade


For the next week...

1. Take note of your repeating thoughts.
2. Write down the thoughts you'd like to have.
3. When you notice a negative thought, replace it with one of the positive ones on your list.

Journal Questions

1. What are your most repeated thoughts?
2. What future do these thoughts lead to?
3. What thoughts can you replace, in order t reach a better future?

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