23 - Thoughts and Actions

23 - Thoughts and Actions


The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have. ― Epictetus

Often we fall into the trap of focusing too much on events outside of our control. We all know how it feels to be caught in this trap. Wanting something only for the world to come crashing down on top of us, destroying all our hopes in the process. So how do we avoid this trap? We avoid it by focusing on what we can control.

Our Thoughts


Our Actions


The Rocco Effect - Thoughts and Actions



1. What is bothering you?
2. How can you change your thoughts to be less bothered?
3. What actions can you take to solve/prevent future problems?


Journal Questions

1. What steps have you took to improve your thinking?

2. What actions have you took to improve your life?

3. How have your feelings changed as a result?

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