24 - I'm Awesome List

24 - I'm Awesome List


Progress is not achieved by accident, but by working on yourself daily - Epictetus


It's very easy to list all our supposed failures, yet it's rather difficult to remember our achievements, even though we all have plenty. Focusing on failure feels bad and often convinces us that we are a failure because of that. Being a failure is depressing, we convince ourselves that there's no point trying, because we're incapable of success. Avoiding these feelings is key and an easy way to do this is by writing down a list of all our achievements. Whenever you feel like a failure read and remind yourself that you're not. You've done great things, failures aren't capable of. You're a winner, don't forget that.

It's important to remind ourselves what we are capable of, when we try. We've already accomplished a list of great things. Our knowledge, skills and achievements are all part of what makes us awesome.

By focusing on what we've already achieved, and reminding ourselves of the work it took to get there, we will be happier and much more likely to continue our growth. 


The Rocco Effect - I'm Awesome List


1. Take time to reflect on your past.
2. Write down everything that makes you awesome.
3. Remember what it took to get there
4. Add to the list whenever you accomplish something new.
5. Remind yourself of how awesome you are, daily.


Journal Questions

1. What 3 things are you most proud of achieving?
2. How did the process of achieving these make you grow?

3.How does focusing on these achievements make you feel?

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