5 - Journaling

5 - Journaling

Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace. - Buddha

How often do you overthink? I'm guessing a lot more than you would like, but there is a simple solution. Think of your mind as a balloon. Our thoughts are breath that expands the balloon and allowing those thoughts out into reality is how we deflate the balloon.

Deflating is easy. Start by writing your thoughts down. You carry your phone everywhere. Get a notes app and write your thoughts down as they come into your head. Get a journal or diary and write your larger thoughts down. Talk to people to access thoughts you kept hidden from yourself.

The important thing for this lesson is clearing your head. Solutions will come later, we're not doing this to find solutions. With a clearer head you'll be able to think of better solutions, or even a simple solution that solves many of your problems.



For the next week

1. Write down small repeating thoughts on your phone.
2. Write down larger thoughts in your journal.
3. Talk to one person about your one of your larger thoughts to see if you can find anything you have hidden from yourself.

Journal Questions

1. What did you do today?
2. How would you rate today?
3. How can you make tomorrow better than today?
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