6 - Fix The Small Problems

6 - Fix The Small Problems

Problems are the price you pay for progress. - Branch Rickey

Problems can seem so big that there are no solutions. This sends us into depression, and when we're in that state, things slowly just get worse. In order to avoid this state, seek solutions to small problems.

Do you expect to lift the heaviest weights the first time you enter a gym? Of course not. You start small and work your way up. Don't expect to change the world if you can't change your clothes. By starting small, you learn that you can solve problems. You learn that not only can you find solutions, but you can also take action to solve them. What small problems can you solve now?
The Rocco Effect - Fix The Small Problems

Look around you. What problems can you see that you can solve?
Take action and correct the problem.
How do you feel knowing that you helped make the world a little bit better?
Repeat this task daily.

Journal Questions:

What small problems have you solved?
How did you feel after solving them?
What small problems can you solve tomorrow?
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