7 - Wasted Time

7 - Wasted Time

Until we have begun to go without them we fail to realise how unnecessary many things are. We've been using them not because we needed them, but because we had them – Seneca

Life is short, time passes faster than we think. Before you know it you're old and grey, looking back on your life as a series of stories. Once you're gone these stories are all that will be left. Remind yourself of your immortality. When you notice yourself wasting time ask yourself “Is this part of my story?”

We often use the excuse 'I would, but I don't have the time'. The truth is we have plenty of time, we just waste it on a lot of unnecessary things. Ask yourself. How much time are you wasting? You'll find that a lot of your day is made up of wasted time.

Now that you've noticed how much time you waste, you need to replace that time by doing something useful. What do you want to start doing with your time?

Productive Time

Read, write, draw, learn a new skill, listen to a podcast, exercise, walk, help someone, work on a project, journal, take notes, share, see friends/family, rest.

You're in charge, you get to decide what 'Wasted Time' is and what activities you can do to make it 'Productive Time' .

The Rocco Effect - Wasted Time


For the next 3 days...

1. Take a mental note when you are wasting time.
2. Write a list of activities you commonly do when wasting time.
3. Write a list of 'Productive Time' activities you would rather do.

Journal Questions

1. Where do you waste the most time?
2. What productive activities do you now do with your time?
3. How could you make it harder to waste time?

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