3- Qualities

3- Qualities

The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways. - Robert Greene

All too often we focus on what we lack, leading us to feeling useless and depressed. If focusing on what we lack leads to negative feelings, what would the opposite look like? I want to train you to focus on what qualities you do have and start feeling pride and joy because of them.

I've listed below qualities a lot of us should have. Don't let the fact most people have them discourage you, a lot aren't as fortunate and seeing these qualities through their eyes should give you a new respect for how grateful you should be to have them.

I can...

Read, write, draw, walk, run, fight, sing, swim, dance, joke, teach, endure,

I am...

strong, smart, fast, patient, kind, helpful, happy, a good friend, beautiful,

If you struggle ask your friends and family. They'll often be able to see skills that you've not been able to see. What qualities do you admire in your friends? There is a good chance you have those qualities as well.



The Rocco Effect - Qualities


For the next week...

1. Write down three of your qualities, every morning

2. Pick one of these and honour it during the day

3. Write what you did, and how you felt afterwards

Journal Questions

1. What qualities did you honour this week?
2. How did you honour them?
3. How does honouring your qualities make you feel?

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