The Evolution Method

I'm not sure what the name of this is, or even if it has a name, but hopefully after this post you'll understand what i mean.

We're often to afraid to start a project due to the fear of trying to accomplish perfection on the first go.  So nothing ever gets done.  But what if we changed from a creationist method mindset, to an evolution method mindset.

Instead of expecting greatness on the first go, create a few useless sells.  Something essentially crap.  Then slowly improve on it over time.  Keep what works and reject what doesn't.  That's how i built this site, the initial t-shirt ideas where useless. (see below), but it served as a starting point to work on and now things are looking a lot better.

Original T-Shirt Idea


I wrote this joke and was proud of it, so designed this.  It's a funny joke (If i do say so myself), but it's boring as a design.  I tweaked it and eventually moved away from jokes and onto quotes.  I then spent a long time putting together a frame and template that would serve as a backbone for all future designs.  As time goes on I'll continue to tweak it and make things better.

Stop fearing perfection.  Aim for crap, tweak until you get something bad, then tweak until its okay continue this process until you eventually reach something amazing.  With continued improvement you'll be amazed at how fast something useless can turn into something amazing.

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