How To Reduce Hate

How To Reduce Hate


The greatest remedy for anger is delay. - Seneca

1. Individual > Group

We're being taught to see people as part of a group BLM, LGBT, white privilege, Christian, Ukrainian, Israeli, MAGA etc. And when we see them as a group member, rather than an individual it's very easy to hate. 

You're group think's X therefore... just because the majority of the group are this way doesn't mean I am.  We all disagree with our in-groups on many points.  

When we view people as individuals it's much harder to hate.  Sure you can still hate, but hating 1 person rather than a million members of a group is great progress.

Next time you notice your judging an average of a group instead of the individual In front of you take a step back and reassess what you're doing.


2. How To Spot Propaganda

We're being brainwashed all the time to see groups instead of individual's being aware of how to spot propaganda will greatly reduce it's affect on you.


How to Spot Propaganda


3. Focus On What's In Your Control

Your thoughts and your actions. Everything else is outside of your control, so why worry about it?

During the pandemic many people got angry at people not wearing masks and killing grandma and there was also just as much getting angry at the sheeple who continued to wear masks.  What others do is outside your control.  Wear one yourself or don't and get on with life.

This mindset has reduced a lot of stress and stops anger from growing right at the start.  


4. You Are An Individual

Like I stated before you can't judge an individual based on your assumption's of the average of the group.  Similarly you should avoid fitting in to any one group too much.  Seek ways in which you disagree and point them out.

As easy as it is to convince ourselves others are the average it's just as easy to convince ourselves we are.  And once you see yourself as X it's very easy to be brainwashed to go along with the X mindset and actions.

By all means agree with groups, but disagree too and remember that you're an individual before you are a group member.


5. Psychopaths Exist

As much as all this will reduce hate psychopath's exist and will commit crimes without being driven by hate.  We need to continue to fight back, not driven by hate but by the understanding that if you don't they'll continue to seek out vunrable people and exploit them 

These people will brainwash others into doing their bidding if they can.  They'll breed hatred in people's hearts and point the cause at others.  This is why we need to seek to change ourselves. 

Changing mass amounts of people relies on the same techniques used by these psychopath's.  Maybe controling the masses is the closest thing we can get to peace, but I've got hope that there's a better path to peace.


6. Good Vs Good

The idiot sees the world as Good vs Evil. The cynic sees the world as Evil vs Evil. The truth that no one seems able to see is that the world is, and always has been, a battle of Good vs. Good. - Norm MacDonald

It's important to remember that even when people are driven by hate they believe that they're part of the good guys.  Hate soon grows in to passion and it's almost impossible to stop people from pursuing their passions.  Nip anger and hate in the bud before it has a chance to grow and don't feed the mindsets that lead to hate.


How do you think we should reduce hate?  


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