Rocco Desta Comedy

Rocco Desta Comedy

 It's one thing to make people laugh, it's another to make them smile - Norm Macdonald


Here's a few of my favourite jokes.


1. Hello.  Police Scotland.  I'd like to report a hate crime.

This is my favourite sketch, because it's an accurate prediction of what's soon to come.  The bill pretty much guarantees this becoming a reality.

2. Scottish Themed Restaurant

One of my most popular videos.  Folk love this, because again it's rooted in truth.


3. People That Borrow Money

This has always annoyed me and by the responses I have gotten, annoys you too.


4. Teacher!

A short skit I wrote about my last day as a teacher.


5. Educate Men

A lot of woman believe that evil would cease to exist if only men were educated.  I had my doubts, but no-one who as listened to this song has went on to commit this evil act, so who knows.  Maybe their onto something.

6. Trans Toilet Debate

Should trans woman be able to use real woman's toilets?  Here's my solution for them to get what they wanting them out of male toilets.

7. Psychopath

A stupid joke dragged out into a fun sketch.


8. Dancing On Her Own

Why is she dancing on her own?

9. Paper Money
Let's stop the digital takeover.


10. Crazy Old Man


* Thanks for watching.  Hope you enjoyed.  Sorry for the lack of posts, I've not been feeling great.  Slowly getting better.  Hoping to get more posts out soon.

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