Popeman and choirboy - Part 1

Popeman and choirboy - Part 1



The Homeless Bum

We're greeted by the sight of our unlikely hero John Paul (Our as the local community greets him 'The Right-wing king') strutting down the street, without a care in the world.  Life, for the most part is pretty good for our hero. John Paul is the minister of the local church and the community love him.  As quick as his peace came it was shattered by the clitter clatter of pennies and the stench of pish stained jeans.

'Change. Change. Can you spare some change?' begs a disgusting homeless bum, hunting for yet another free handout. He's shacking a cup filled to the brim with coins from honest hard working people and scrounging for more (scum!). John replies angrily 'Change?' spits on the grown 'Theft more like. Get a job you bloody hippy' and knocks the cup full of coins out of his hand 'It's scum like you that's destroying our once great nation. You're a bloody eyesore. ' John then storms off mumbling his hatred of the homeless, to himself as he goes. 

As soon as John left a shadowy figure appears and offers a helping hand to the homeless bum by picking up his coins. He then adds his own £50 note and offers the bum a leaflet. 'Free food/shelter for the homeless at Local mosque 8pm every night. The shadowy figure was a happy muslim man. His smile beamed melted away the cold ice surrounding the homless bums heart and warmed it up with his joy.  The bum smiled back and thanked him 'Here thanks big man.'


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