Popeman and Choirboy - Part 11

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 11


Christmas Slaying


The trio, all suited up, are in the car on their way to save Christmas.  John Paul speeds down the road whilst explaining the plan, one last time "We'll be getting dropped off in different locations.  As it's night they should all be gathered under the bridge, the park and the mosque.  Jesus, since you've got the sword I'm dropping you off at the bridge, where the majority of them gather.  Me and Francis will take the park and we'll pick you up so we can all tackle the mosque together" Jesus and Francis nod their heads in agreement. "Remember why we're doing this.  To save Christmas.  Failure is not an option."

They pull up outside the bridge.  Jesus jumps out hair and beard flowing in the wind, white robe protecting his body and sandals that will give him the ability to move at lightning quick speed, white eye mask distorting his true identity and long sword in hands.  Jesus takes a swig of his holy wine, smashes the bottle on the ground and proclaims "It's Christmas slaying time!" as he ventures into the dark cesspit where the Junkies and homeless bums live, under the bridge.

John Paul and Francis drive off towards the park, swerving onto the pavement to knock down any homeless bums that happen to be sleeping, cheering with each one they hit.  "We're not even at the park and we've killed 10 of them" Francis says ecstatically, like a child who got their prized present at Christmas.  John Paull looked at his rearview mirror and saw the excitement in Francis's eyes.  "Haha! boy.  Calm down, theres still a lot more to go.  The park should be littered with them". They jumped onto the pavement to hit one last bum, but unfortunately he woke up just as the car was speeding towards him.  He screamed and ran into the park, alerting the others.  "Crap.  I didn't plan for this."  John Paul grabbed his baseball bat and turned round to Francis "Sorry boy, but i can't let you out there with just a pen, it's far too dangerous.  Wait here and i'll see you soon."  John Paul jumped outside and locked the door.  Francis cried as he failed to open his door "I want to help.  Let me help.  I want to save Christmas!"  but it was no use, John Paul was already running inside the park, cape flowing in the wind, baseball bat held high in the air, charging forward "Freedom!"

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