Popeman and Choirboy - Part 13

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 13

The Park

The night sky was dark.  A cold air surrounded John Paul.  Rats ran across the street.  Beer cans and smashed wine bottles decorated the entrance to the park.   He pressed forward towards the shadowy demons in front of him.

Francis, back in the car banged on the window.  Screaming "I want to help.  I want to help" Tears running down his face.  But no matter how hard he tried the door wouldn't budge.

The homeless bums, a lot like zombies, twisted, unsightly and hungering for the warmth of the living, staggered towards John Paul. Baseball bat in hand, he stood firm. Despite the chaos ahead of him, John Paul was filled with a calmness, ready to save Christmas.

John Paul then charged forward. Swinging his baseball bat, Whack! Shattering bones.  Woosh! crushed skulls.  Bam! Heads rolled across the floor.  John Paul was saving Christmas with ease.  But just when he thought he had killed them all a bum leaped out of a tree, knocking John Paul to the ground.  The bum towered over John Paul, Filled with blood lust the bum beat John Paul black and blue.

Just then a saviour arrived, in the form of a small boy, Francis.  He jumped onto the iritic bum, rode him like a bucking-bronco, pulled out his divine fountain pen and gouged it into his right eye  The bum let out a screaching whale of agony "AAAaaagggghhhhh......!!!!" His movements became even more chaotic flinging Francis off his back and onto the ground.  He looked around aimlessly untill he finally spotted Frances red cape blowing in the wind and like a raging bull he charged forward, intent to kill.

John Pauls daze slowly faded.  He did'nt have the strength to get himself up, but he managed to somehow find the strength the fling his baseball bat to Francis "Use this boy.  Quick!" Francis grabbed the bat and swung it.  Bam! the bum fell to the ground.  Francis then stood on his chest, grabbed his pen and with some struggle pulled out his pen, along with the bums right eye.  Placing both into his pocket.

Francis then helped John Paul to his feet.  John Paul then asked "How the hell did you get out the car?"  Francis then explained "I crawled to the front and opened your door.  Child-lock only works on the back doors". John Paul laughed and they both went back into the car.  "Let's pick up Jesus and head home.  Christmas is saved"
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