Popeman and Choirboy - Part 14

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 14

See You In Hell

John Paul's foot pushed the accelerator to the floor.  The bums were dead, no explosions were happening tonight, Christmas had been saved.  As they approached the bridge the air thickened with dread.  Something was off (Or was that just the smell of the homeless bums?)

They both got out the car, baseball bat and pen clutched in hand and approached the abyss under the bridge.  They where soon greeted with the grotesque canvas of limbs and blood that Jesus had left.  The blood lined a red carpet for the boys the walk, from the entrance straight to the graveyard.  As the reached the end of the path they noticed one thing, Jesus was nowhere to be seen.

Francis notices Jesus's long sword, in a pool of blood, walks towards in, and picks it up.  He fears the worst and screams  "Jesus! Jesus!  Jesus!", but his cries are met with silence, apart from the echos of "Jesus!" that filled the abyss.  Echos that alerted an army of homeless bums, hell bent on avenging their comrades. 

They ran towards John Paul and Francis screeching.  The air was thick with tension.  Time slowed to a halt.  The boy's new they were no match for the army racing towards them, but they stood firm, ready to fight until their last breath.  "He gave his life, it's time for us to do the same.  Thanks boy.  It's been an honour"  John Paul said as he put his hands together in prayer and bowed towards Francis. Francis shed a tear, clasped his hands in prayer, bowed and replied "Thank you, Sir.  See you in heaven" 

The boys then charge towards the bums.  John Paul knocks the heads clean off 5 homeless bums.  Francis slices 3 in half.  But despite their best efforts it was hopeless.  They ran back. closed their eyes and prayed "Dear God.  We repent of our sins.  Please grant us passing into your heavenly home.  Aman". But instead of the warmth of celestial light, their eyes opened to a much warmer light.

The light of flames, burning bodies, rotting flesh, screams of agony from their fellow man.  Despite killing countless homeless bums in an attempt to save Christmas, there was too many.  Despite their best efforts the living would soon camp outside stores throughout Glasgow and one by one explode, destroying the city and ruining Christmas.  God was outraged and It was impossible for the boys to dent they weren't in gods embrace, they where far from it, they where in hell.

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