Popeman and Choirboy - Part 15

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 15

Follow Me

Popeman and Choirboy - Follow Me

Jesus was hiding in a box, or as the homeless called it 'a house.'  His rage had finally settled and he was seeing things clearly again. He peered out the box and saw the massacre to his right, with the faint light of the entrance behind it.  Directly in front of him was a few tents, boxes a lot of rubbish a burning bin and the army of bums that were hell bent on killing him. Unless he could somehow distract them, he was stuck.

Jesus noticed the bums drinking from a Jerry Can. one spilt the drink down himself, angering the others.  The angry bums then started a scrap with the drenched bum, after beating him half to death the drenched bum managed to escape running to safety, but tripped over a pile of rubbish, stumbled forward and fell into the burning bin quickly igniting himself.  He ran for a bit setting two other bums alight, but they all soon fell to the floor and turned to a crisp.

Just then echos filled the abyss "Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!" it was Francis's voice.  Jesus turned his gave back to the entrance.  There stood John Paul and Francis, but it wasn't just Jesus that heard the echos, so did the bums.  And when they saw John Paul and Francis, weapons in hand, surrounded by the decapitated bodies of their friends they flipped and charged towards them screeching.

With no time to waste Jesus ran towards the camp opposite him.  He grabbed the Jerry Can, found some clothing and pulled out his bottle of wine and took one last swig of it.  He then filled the bottle with the remaining liquid from the Jerry Can, stuffed the clothing inside, walked over to the capsized bin and lit the clothing off the embers.  Once alight he chucked the weapon at the bums and in a burst of flames they lit up the room, screams of pain filled the air, the smell of burning flesh filled the room.

Without wasting a second Jesus ran towards the entrance "John Paul.  Francis.  Follow me" as he gestured them to head to the light of the entrance.  They bolted towards the entrance and back to the car.  Once inside John Paul slammed his foot on the accelerator and they drove off.  The clock struck midnight, Christmas was saved.  They wept tears of joy and celebrated.

Then 'Boom!' the bridge exploded lighting up the sky.  Smoke then filled the air.  The chaos was only just beginning. 

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