Popeman and Choirboy - Part 16

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 16

 Swiss Army Knife


As the bridge explodes behind them John Paul slams his foot on the accelerator and weeps 'we've failed.  They're already exploding."  Francis raises his voice and hits back with 'No! The bridge is gone, but there's still time to save the rest of the city.  They're not going to blow up there holy building, right?  so if we can get them before they're deployed throughout the city, there's still a chance that we can save Christmas'. John Paul and Jesus nod there heads in agreement, the boys right, there's still time.  It's far too early to give up now.


The boys pull up outside the back of the mosque.  The whole area is walled off, so the only way in is through the well guarded entrance or over the wall.  Not wanting to be seen the boys choose to go over.  John Paul steps outside the car and opens the boot. Inside is a grappling hook attached to a rope.  He flings this over the wall and they each make their way up and over the wall.

Once over they notice a small building behind the main mosque , peering through the windows Francis sees all the bums, asleep in beds. 'They're all in this building', he says to the men.  John Paul then flings the grappling hook onto the roof of the building and they make their way up.  Once on the roof they saw a window.  John Paul pulled out a Swiss army Knife and addressed the other two "Don't worry guys, I've got this' Francis looked puzzled then hit back with "Wait you've had a swiss army knife this whole time?' John Paul nods his head 'Yes, of course.  Always be prepared.' Francis shakes his head 'Why didn't you give me that as a weapon?  All i got was a lousy pen.  A swiss army knife would have been far more effective' John Paul placed his hand on Francis's shoulder 'These are dangerous my boy.  You could easily harm yourself or others with one.  Maybe I'll let you use it once you're a bit older'John Paul then opened the window and dropped down into the building.  Once in he got to work slicing each of the bums throats.  Blood quickly started to fill the room.

On the roof Francis spotted Muslims heading towards the building, to wake the Homeless bums up.  'Jesus! Look.  What should we do?' Jesus nods his head and replies 'It's been fun.  Thanks kid.  Take care of the old man, I've got this.' Before Francis could respond Jesus jumped dwn from the roof, breaking his leg, but his anger was burning too much for him to notice the pain he ran forward, charging at the men 'Aaaggghhh!!!'before he reached them his leg gave way and he fell face first to the floor.  His mouth then started to foam up again, chocking him.  The Muslims quickly put him into the recovery position and performed CPR, but alas, it was to late.  Jesus was dead.

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