Popeman and Choirboy - Part 17

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 17


John Paul returned to the roof to see Francis weeping.  The boy pointed to Jesus's lifeless body and hugged John Paul.  John Paul made a cross in the air and bowed his head in silent prayer. "Right boy, we don't have time to morn, we need to leave now" Francis wiped his tears and nodded in agreement.  They scaled the outside wall and quickly jumped back into the car.

"He's dead.  Jesus, son of god, gave his life for us" Francis weeps.  John Paul nods his head "He fulfilled what he came here to do.  He solved the homeless bum problem, for good, he prevented the city from being destroyed and most importantly - he saved Christmas."  Francis smiles and nods in agreement.  "Well boy, it's almost dawn, your parents will be worried.  Enjoy Christmas and i'll see you at service tomorrow."  John Paul parks the car outside Francis's house and the boy runs home.

Later, inside the church, John Paul is on his knees, praying towards the stained glass of Jesus.  "Thank you Lord.  You gave your life for all of Glasgow.  As thanks, I will dedicate this day, every year, in remembrance of you.  Every year the church will gather together in remembrance of you, our lord and saviour, who gave his life for all of us.  From now on, whenever people think of Christmas, they'll think of you, Jesus Christ."  John Paul bowed his head and went to his bed.

Christmas came and went, all was good in the world.  Francis and all the other kids opened there presents with glee, John Paul delivered the greatest sermon ever told, dedicated to his old friend Jesus Christ and the media reported on the explosion down by the bridge and the mysterious disappearance of all the Muslims in town.  * Despite the homeless bums also disappearing, no one noticed, i mean would you? 


And so concludes this epic story, at least for now.  Thanks for reading.

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