Popeman and Choirboy - Part 2

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 2


The Food-bank


That night the rain was pouring down.  A long haired homeless bum with a majestic beard wanders the streets drinking his bottle of wine.  Ahead of him a streetlight illuminates a loan paper on the ground.  It was as if god himself was sending this bum a sign.  As he get's closer he sees that it's a leaflet, he picks it up and reads it out 'Free food/shelter for the homeless at Local mosque 8pm every night.'  The bum smiles "Free food.  Nice' and follows the directions to the mosque.

He walks up to the mosque, drenched, still sipping his wine. One of the staff sees him stumbling towards the building and rushes towards him ' Oh gosh, look at you. Let's get you out of those clothes and into some new threads'. Before he has time to receve his new clothes the bum had stripped naked and binned his clothes.  'Thanks mate.  They were wet' the bum responds.  The muslim man rushes back with a white robe and sandals.  "It's not much but this should warm you up and these sandals will last a lifetime' "Whit you playing at?  I'm gonna look a state in this.  Anyway, where's ma food?" The muslim chuckles and leads the way to the mosque.  "Oh i forgot to say.  We don't allow alcohol in the Mosque would you mind leaving it outside?" The bum was shocked "leave ma wine?  Are you insane?  Bet you just want it for yourself." The muslim was fluttered, he didn't know how to respond.  " Sorry sir, those are the rules" The bum turned away, bent over and lifted up his robe, mooning the man/. "That's whit i think ae you mate.  Screw your dinner i'll make ma own.  Naeone takes ma wine fae me."  Then he ran off into the darkness.


When he had run as far as he could he saw a window with a light on.  He stood on the bins outside and made his way inside through the open window.  "Finally a wee bit of warmth."

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