Popeman and Choirboy - Part 3

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 3



John Paul is pacing up and down in his office.  Photos of him preaching as well as his congregation are hung up on the walls.  In the corner stood a glass cabinet with a huge Scottish longsword inside.  Papers cover his desk.  "It's been five bloody hours and i can't find one f***ing verse the proves god hates the homeless.  Aggghhh....!!!" In a fit of anger John Paul sweeps everything off his desk "They're an obvious parasite.  They're eyesores.  They stink.  Surely that's a sin in itself, surely." John Paul then sits down, frustrated.  He then bows his head defeated and addresses God "Please lord.  I'm really trying.  Just give me a sign.  The next moment a loud crash is heard in the next room.  John Paul Leads to attention, grabs his baseball bat and heads into the next room.

John Paul swings the door open and enters the nave (*The nave is the central and principal part of a church where the congregation gathers for worship.). His eyes are quickly drawn to some Junkie Scum, lying on the floor, next to a now smashed window. The scum moans in pain, slowly pushing themselves to stand.  "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?  Do you know where you are?  This is Gods house.  How dare you enter without his permission.  Now be gone you Junkie Scum". The junkie finally manages to stand.  He then stays stills, frozen whilst he processes everything thats happening.  John Paul Then screams "Are you f***ing deaf! I said GET OUT!!!" At that moment the Junkie snaps back to reality and slowly turns round to show his face to John Paul.

Long hair, a beard, white robe, sandals. John Paul couldn't believe his eyes.  He raised them up from the junkie and paused on the stained glass.  There was no denying it.  This man in front of him, was the messiah himself.  Jesus Christ.

John Paul Falls to his knees "Forgive me lord.  I am your servant and you are my master.  What do you wish from me". Jesus smiles and responds "Servent you say?  Nice.  Go get us some food, I'm starving"

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