Popeman and Choirboy - Part 7

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 7


The Investigation

Popeman and Choirboy - The Investigation

The boys are all in John Pauls office.  The walls are still plastered in muslim related photos.  John Paul stands up and addresses the other two "I don't get it.  What's wrong with getting these homeless bums off the streets.  There's far less now than there was last week.  In fact i don't think i've seen any today?"  Francis looks puzzled. "What do you mean sir?  There's still tons of homeless scum.  Did you not see them on the way here?"  John Paul and Jesus shake their heads.  They haven't seen the homeless eyesore for a few days now.  Francis sighs in disappointment.  "Sir's if you will please follow me.  Francis leads the two men outside they walk to the street "Now look closely.  What do you see?"

Both men looked.  For the most part the street looked beautiful.  Happy citizens shopping, birds chirping, clear sky.  Life was good.  Francis got adjusted.  "Look outside all the shop windows". Francis was right something was off.  There was men with yoga mats outside all the shops.  "You're right boy there's tons of guys doing yoga.  Crazy hippies". Frances shook his head "No.  They're not Yoga mats look closer". John Paul looked closer, Francis was right they weren't doing yoga, they were praying.  Muslims were outside every shop.  Wait.  They're not muslims.  They're the homeless bums that have always been there, they just look different  now.  Before Jesus had a chance to spot them and take another episode John Pall quickly turned him round and pushed him back into the church.

Back in the office John Paul started to connect the dots.  "Muslims, homeless, free food, Jesus, evil, halal... " John Paul turned to stone once he relised what was going on.  Francis shook him "Sir.  Sir.  Are you ok Sir?"  John Paul snapped back to reality "Thanks boy i needed that.  But no, i'm not ok.  I don't think anyone is.  Sit down this will shock you both". And when they were all prepared John Paul shared his conclusion "They're feeding the homeless Halal food and slowly converting them into Muslims". They both moved back in their seats with shock, Jesus moved back so fast he fell to the ground.  "But... Butt... But why?"  Jesus stuttered. John Paul shook his head "That's the part i don't understand, sorry.  Francis did however understand why.  He stood up and told John Paul to sit, this was serious.

"As Jesus told us.  They're evil" Francis points to the terrorist attacks "If my conclusion is correct.  These attacks are nothing compared to what's coming". The men are frozen in shock.  "The homeless scum line the streets.  If they turn full muslim and explode in unison, Glasgow as we know it will be completely destroyed"  John Paul Is then moved back with shock falling to the floor besides Jesus.  "AAAggghhhhh....!!!!" Both men screams in terror.

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