Popeman and Choirboy - Part 8

Popeman and Choirboy - Part 8


The Final Solution

Popeman and Choirboy - The Final Solution

It was December 20th.  The boys new that at the current rate of conversion they'd be full blown terrorists in no-time.  Exploding in unison, destroying Glasgow and killing millions.  John Paul predicted that they had untill New-Year before the inevitable happened.   Our boys couldn't let that happen, so they got to work de-converting.  

Over the next few days our hero's did all they could to stop the inevitable.  They stole their prayer-mats,  They protested outside the mosque, they even called them names on the internet, but alas, nothing worked.  If anything it only strengthened the homeless bums faith and converted them faster.  

As the snow fell at the dawn of Christmas Eve Jesus wept on the street.  "It's no working.  There's more of them everyday.  They're converting faster than ever.  We're all done for.  They've won".  The exhausted John Paul stands up, walks over to Jesus and slaps him across the face "Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!" Jesus snaps back to reality.  "If we fail Glasgow will be no more, millions will die and worse of all Christmas will be ruined". John Paul pulls Jesus and Fredric to their feet and leads them into the church.  

John Paul sits the men down and explains to them his final solution.  "At the current rate of conversion i predict they'll explode tonight.  We no longer have a choice. " Francis knows what this means and bows his head Jesus is still puzzled "So whit we doing then?" Jesus asks.  John Paul replies "I have a solution, but you're not going to like it. Here me out. Lets not forget who they really are - Homeless bums. Their lives don't really matter, right? And they're going to die tonight regardless of what we do. So, and this is only a suggestion. Why don't we kill them before they're triggered to explode?  if they're dead, no one will care, they can no longer be triggered to explode and we'll save Christmas. 'Fredrick wipes his tears, smiles and looks at Jesus. Jesus looks at both of them then nods in agreement' let's kill the scum! '

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