Popeman - Part 10

Popeman - Part 10

Popeman - Costumes

Just as the men are heading out Francis stops them.  He takes a deep breath in and then addresses the men "Hold on, lads! I've got a little surprise for both of you." With a dramatic flourish, he snatched his school bag, tips it over,  unleashing a cascade of items that clattered onto the ground – an unexpected array of clothing.  "We need to go incognito.  Disguise Jesus.   if we're in this for the long haul. Especially with what lies ahead tonight. I crafted these disguises during our investigations.  I hope you enjoy them" He handed out the costumes to the men.

Jesus erupted into laughter, dismissing the outfit with a scoff. "I won't be caught dead wearing that, mate. I'm no bloody p**f." Francis, visibly dismayed, retorted, "At least wear the mask; we can't risk exposing our faces." Jesus shook his head defiantly. "Nah.". Francis thinks for a second then hits back with "I'll let you drink the holy wine". And in the blink of an eye Jesus had his eye mask on.

Meanwhile, John Paul embraced his superhero ensemble – a white hat, mask, trousers, a magnificent purple cape, and a bold yellow belt. "Nice.  Feels like I'm ready to save the day!" he declared, showcasing martial art moves. Huh, hiya, waayyaa! Turning to Francis, he teased, "Where's your costume, boy?"

Vanishing momentarily, Francis reappeared in tight red tights, a black t-shirt, and a matching red tracksuit top, topped off with his red eye mask. Laughter erupted from the men, "Tights? Seriously? You're not... you know..." John Paul inquired. An irritated Francis snapped back, "I'm not gay! Most superheroes wear tights. Superman's not gay, is he?"

*It turns out that in newer comics superman (Or his son) is now in-fact gay.  Well it's an alien going out with a human, so not really gay it's more like a human getting with an animal, but one step further.  Imagine a human shagging a squid and you'll have a rough idea of whats going on.  Anyway back to the story....

Jesus interrupts "Gay or not. (He is.) We've no got the time to argue.  Christmas needs saving."  John Paul nods his head in agreement " Jesus is right. He's definitely gay, who else prances about in their pants for the whole world to see?  Also we probably should get back to the mission.  Grab your weapons and get into the car.  It's time to save Christmas"

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