Scottish Pinocchio

Scottish Pinocchio

A fun reimagining, by your favourite author, Rocco.

Jimmy, the carpenter wishes upon on streetlight he mistakes for a star. 'Here God, mate. Make mae wee puppet into a kid. I wanna be a da n awe that'. He then stumbles his way back home and falls into his bed. 

When he wakes up the next day he's got a banging headache, so he downs a glass of magic medicine to take away the pain, whiskey. He remembers the wish he made the night before, so rushes downstairs to see if it came true. 


'Are you alive boy? '


Jimmy reaches the bottom of the stairs to see his little puppet, Pinocchio looking back at him.  Then, Pinocchio blinked.  Jimmy couldn't believe his eyes.  'are you alive Pinocchio?' Jimmy asks the puppet.

'Aye. But. Sniff. I'm not real. Sniff. Sniff. ' replies Pinocchio '


Jimmy is over the moon.  He's as happy as Larry, could not be happier.  But he notices his boy is upset and as the respectable caring father he is he knows it's his job to change that. 'Whit dae you mean mate? ' he asked puzzled.


Pinocchio sniffes and lets out a quiet response 'My dream is to become a real boy, but I know I'll never be one'


Jimmy laughs at his response for how idiotic it is 'Dae ya feel like a real boy?' he chuckled.


'Aye.  Of course I do.' Pinocchio replies.


'Then you are a real boy.' Jimmy smiles.  Pinocchio wipes away his tears and smiles from ear to ear.


There's then a party on the streets.  Scottish flag's as well as the equally, if not more important rainbow flags everywhere.  The whole city out dancing and having fun to celebrate how brave and beautiful Jimmy's son, Pinocchio is. The end. 


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