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Men's Recycled Athletic Shorts - Memento Mori (Purple)

Men's Recycled Athletic Shorts - Memento Mori (Purple)

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Introducing our remarkable collection of Memento Mori men's recycled athletic shorts—a perfect fusion of sustainable fashion and timeless stoic philosophy. With an alluring pattern of white skulls on a rich purple background, these shorts serve as a powerful reminder of the transient nature of life and the importance of mindful living.

These athletic shorts are crafted with a commitment to sustainability, using recycled materials that are both eco-friendly and durable. By choosing these shorts, you contribute to the preservation of our planet while making a profound statement about your values.

The captivating design, featuring white skulls on a deep purple background, creates a striking visual appeal. Each skull symbolizes the impermanence of existence, inviting you to reflect on the preciousness of time and the significance of embracing every moment.

Designed for comfort and performance, these athletic shorts feature a lightweight and breathable fabric that allows for unrestricted movement. The elastic waistband ensures a secure fit, while the quick-drying properties keep you comfortable during your workouts or outdoor activities.

The Memento Mori design with white skulls on a purple background goes beyond mere athletic shorts—it represents a mindset of embracing life fully. It serves as a constant reminder to push your limits, pursue your passions, and live with purpose.

Wearing these athletic shorts is more than just sporting a stylish look—it is a statement of your commitment to conscious living. Let them be a symbol of your resilience, determination, and unwavering focus on personal growth.

With the Memento Mori men's recycled athletic shorts, you not only showcase your unique sense of style but also make a positive impact on the environment. They become a visual representation of your dedication to mindful choices and inspire others to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

Embrace the transformative power of the Memento Mori. Order your pair of men's recycled athletic shorts today and embark on a journey of self-discovery, sustainability, and purpose. Let the white skulls on the purple background ignite your inner strength, motivate you to seize every opportunity, and empower you to leave a lasting legacy.

Sports outfits can be a lot of hassle, but with these long shorts there's no need for that. Just throw on a pair and go running, swimming, weight-lifting, or participate in any other activity that pops in your mind. These shorts won't let you down!

• 91% recycled polyester, 9% spandex (fabric composition may vary by 3%)
• Fabric weight: 5.13 oz. /yd. ² (174 g/m²)
• Four-way stretch moisture-wicking microfiber fabric
• Breathable and fast-drying material
• UPF50+ protection
• 6.5″ (16.5 cm) inseam
• Elastic waistband with a flat white drawstring
• Mesh side pockets
• No inner lining
• Blank product components sourced from China

Size guide

  WAIST (cm) HIPS (cm)
2XS 72 90
XS 76 94
S 80 98
M 84 102
L 92 110
XL 100 118
2XL 108 126
3XL 116 134
4XL 124 142
5XL 132 150
6XL 140 158
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